Poster and brochure design for an academic workshop at the amerikahaus munich under the topic of: "Alternative Facts — Between Fact, Fiction, and Politics." The workshop was organized by the Graduate School of Language & Literature Munich

The attacks by Donald Trump’s administration on the media and the coining of the term alternative facts have ever since fueled controversy over the relationship between discourses of power and distortions of ‘reality’ as well as the nature of ‘facts.’ While the term alternative facts is deeply intertwined with political questions, the concept of facts also calls upon other disciplines ranging from law, history, and social sciences to philosophy, rhetoric, and literary studies which are driven by the nuances of fact and fiction.
The controversy tackles questions such as: Have all efforts to deconstruct the strict dichotomies between subjective and objective reality been in vain? What validity should be given to the accusation that different ways of undermining concepts of objective truth are now working in favor of authoritarian power instead of questioning it? What does it mean to speak of the present as a "post-truth era" and what are the implications of a contemporary ‘public’ discourse shaped by distrust? The workshop invites to investigate what actually lies at the heart of the problem of alternative facts and which role academia should play in the development of new perspectives on the cross-disciplinary and cross-national theorizing of facts.


Graphic Design

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